What Seafood Products Can You Microwave?


Q: Fish cooking recipes in the microwave oven are as varied as the fish names. In each area, there are river and sea delicacies, which require different cooking approaches. What are the basic nuances of how to cook halibut in the microwave? Can I Microwave Frozen Halibut? We recommend that you prepare the fish first….


Q: A simple question that makes you think twice or thrice: Can you microwave oysters? Regarding their price and being placed where delicacies often are, oysters are not the kind of food you would want to go and throw in the garbage once you fail cooking it. Here’s what you can do. How to Microwave…


Q: We’ve got two pieces of tuna fish (they look a lot like steaks sized 2/3 of a hand) and we want to cook them. We have different spices, vinegar, oils, and a microwave oven (if you ask about a device). Is it possible to microwave tuna at all, and how to do that? Why…


Q: When I want to cook something fast and offbeat, I think of a microwaved fish. I used to microwave salmon, sardines, eel, and pike. Now I would like to try to cook tilapia in the microwave. Could you tell me if it is a good idea? How to Microwave Tilapia? A microwave oven is…


Q: We usually answer our readers’ question about the possibility to microwave this or that product. Now we faced an issue ourselves: can we microwave sardines? This sort of fish tastes so well when preserved. What about frozen or fresh fish? Does it go in the microwave, yet remains healthy and rich in flavor? How…


Q: The microwave oven has always been the fastest and the most convenient device to cook a delicious lunch or dinner. As a method of cooking, microwaving also applies to fish. Today we are going to answer the question that thousands of our readers ask, How to microwave pike? Can I Stew Pike in the…


Q: What if salmon loses most of its useful properties when it goes in the microwave? Many people believe that the microwave oven changes the chemical structure of the products. We think that this is no more than a point of view, and the chemists say this is not true. But if you are still…


Q: Do you want to put an eel in the microwave? This is not an easy-to-cook product if you have it fresh or frozen. Eel is the sort of seafood which demands much attention from the cooker. It is sometimes considered dangerous for your health if you have gastritis, or liver and bile duct disease….


Q: We were asked a question once: “I bought an anchovy pizza but it arrived late due to the traffic and it was almost cold.” The person didn’t mind to microwave it, but then he thought of the anchovy. Won’t he spoil them in the microwave? We will give you the answer to this and some…


Q: If you love seafood just as much as we do, you might question yourself whether fish can be put in the microwave. We hear this question so often that we have nothing left but studying this issue thoroughly. Now your task is to relax and read this brief but very meaningful answer to the…

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