What Seafood Products Can You Microwave?


Q: Mussels became extremely popular as a dietary product in the last several years. Not only are they delicious but also healthy. Mussels are low-calorie, they normalize digestion, strengthen immunity and are good for men’s health even. Can microwave oven destroy all the merits of mussels when used for cooking them? How to Cook Mussels…


Q: If you want something like calamari cooked as soon as possible, and feel their oceanic taste, while daydreaming of the white sands, and fresh breeze, you do not actually think that much. You choose the best and the fastest method of cooking. You come up to the microwave, take a bowl of squid and…


Q: Can you imagine your vacation at the seaside without seafood? We can’t. Shrimps taste so good when served with cold beer or white wine. You can buy them cooked and enjoy them in a good company or you may buy them fresh or frozen. If your choice fell on the last option, you might…

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