Can You Microwave Calamari?

Q: If you want something like calamari cooked as soon as possible, and feel their oceanic taste, while daydreaming of the white sands, and fresh breeze, you do not actually think that much. You choose the best and the fastest method of cooking. You come up to the microwave, take a bowl of squid and open this site, because you still wonder, Can I microwave calamari?

How to Microwave Calamari with Sour Cream?

It does not matter if you take fresh squid or frozen one.
The only difference is that the frozen squid will have to be defrosted first, so you can peel and clean it.

  • Remove the film and the fins
  • Rinse the carcass under running water, then cut it into thin rings
  • Salt and pepper the slices, then lightly roll in flour
  • Put them in a microwave oven, add about 50 grams of butter
  • Heat at the maximum power level
  • Squids are cooked very quickly
  • We recommend that you microwave them for no more than a minute or 1.5 minutes
  • About 0.5 kg of squid will be enough for our dish

In a separate bowl, prepare the sauce.

Take 250 g of sour cream and 1-2 tablespoons of flour and mix well until you get a homogeneous mass without lumps.

Pour the sauce over the calamari, cover with the lid and put in the microwave for 7-8 minutes at middle power.

Sprinkle calamari with chopped green parsley or dill right before serving.

The dish turns out very tender, juicy and exquisite.

Can Calamari Be Boiled in the Microwave?

This is not a question. Calamari is good for boiling in the microwave oven too.

Place the calamari in a microwave-safe bowl with the lid.

Sprinkle lemon juice over the carcass and cover tight.

Cook around 2 minutes at 700-800 Watt.

Is Calamari a Healthy Food?

No doubt, calamari is not only delicious.
Regular consumption of this product will fill the iodine reserves in your body.
It replenishes you with omega-3 fatty acids and mineral salts, necessary for normal metabolic activity.

What is more, you will get rid of the skin problems and adjust the endocrine and thyroid gland.

Calamari is one of the most popular, accessible, tasty and easy-to-prepare seafood.

The body of squid can be cooked, dried or marinated.

For its original taste, calamari is loved by many, and now it often replaces chicken and beef on a daily dinner table.

However, the main advantage of squid is not in their taste and aroma, but in the ability to almost fully replace eggs and meat, the main suppliers of protein in our body.

Check some interesting facts about squid:

  • It is known since ancient times participating in the legends of the “sea serpent,” because the length of a giant squid can reach up to 18 meters!
  • The eye diameter of such a giant can be compared with the size of a large salad plate
  • The squid can jump out of the water to as high as 7 meters

Is It Good to Bake Stuffed Calamari in the Microwave?

This is a very good idea. All you need is 3 squid carcasses and 3 minutes of your precious time to bake something very delicious and nutritious.


Squid carcass (peeled and cleaned) – 3 pcs

Shrimp (cleaned) – 150 g

Egg – 1 pc

Oat bran – 1 tbs

Cottage cheese (0.2%) – 50 g

Cheese (15%) – 25 g

Species to your taste


Boil calamari and shrimps for 2-3 minutes (or less).

Mix shrimps, egg, cottage cheese, oat bran, and cheese.

Add species like salt, red and black pepper, herbs, and garlic.

Fill the squids and put in a microwave-safe bowl, cover with a piece of food film.

Bake in the microwave oven for 3 minutes at high power.

3 thoughts on “Calamari

  1. THANK YOU! I have been microwaving all kinds of sea critters for quick lunches and dinners for several years and my sister always told me it was not healthy or safe to do it. I explained to her that it kills off the bacteria and often cooks it more throughly.

  2. You know the old saying “you learn something new every day”? Well, I just learned quite a number of things from reading this! I had no idea you could put calamari in the microwave for one. That is a game changer for me! Another is that everyone always told me it was unhealthy but I have lower iodine levels because I don’t like using table salt. Looks like I will be eating this more often.

  3. I work two nearly full time jobs and hardly have time to cook an entire meal so most of what I eat is done in the microwave. My girlfriend works part time and has to take care of her two sons so we tend to do very little cooking from scratch. We both love calamari though so knowing this can be cooked in the microwave just opened the door to a lot more meal options for us.

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