Can You Microwave Jelly Beans?

Q: Jelly beans can be included in your diet if only you are not diabetic, and your organism needs some vitamins and microelements. Natural jelly beans are good to eat in winter when there are no fresh fruit and vegetables or they are not as high quality as you wish. Or you may open a pack of different flavor jelly beans to eat while watching a movie. Can you make homemade jelly beans in the microwave oven to get a 100% healthy product?

How to Make Traditional Apple Jelly Beans in the Microwave?

To cook these delicious homemade jelly beans, you do not need sugar so you receive a very healthy product.


  • Apples – 1 kg
  • Water – 1 glass
  • Sugar*

Cut the apples to the average size pieces, place in a heat-resistant bowl, pour a glass of water over them and microwave for 25 minutes at high power.

Do not bother yourself peeling the apples or get their cores.

When the microwave oven reports the end of the cycle, take the bowl out of the oven and stir the apples thoroughly.

If the mass is too thick, add a little more water to it.

The next step you need to take is to pass the apples through the sieve and microwave again until they boil.

Repeat the process, taking out and stirring the dish. The level of the mixture must reduce thrice and become really-really thick.

*If you are a sweet tooth or cook for them, you are allowed then to add a little sugar at this stage of microwaving the jelly beans.

The later you put the sugar in, the better the taste will be.

If you pour in sugar at the end of microwaving, you might get a somewhat burned taste.

So you are finished with microwaving the jelly beans.

Take out the apple mixture and pour it into the molds or regular food containers.

Let the molds with the jelly sit open for 2-3 days to cool down and then thicken.

Still, this jelly can be easily cracked and sticks to fingers. So you need to dry it a little.

For this purpose, use the radiator in your room or place a container with jelly beans at the stove when you cook something.

The jelly beans will transform into dark brown thick mass in the final stage.

Store the beans in food containers or boxes lined with paper towels.

Of course, these homemade jelly beans are far from the manufactured candies you can buy in the store, but they are 100% natural and healthy.

What Will Happen to Jelly Beans If I Microwave Them?

Well, you know that there are some things you just cannot put in the microwave for the reason of burning, exploding, bad smell or broken microwave.

Jelly beans are slightly different. You have just learned that you can use your microwave oven to make jelly beans. But what if you buy a pack of different or same flavor jelly beans of different colors and tastes? Will they transform into something disgusting or be just as they are?

You might have even found some recipe that requires microwaving jelly beans, and you want to stay safe and sound after you do that.

Here’s what we are going to tell you: do not want to microwave jelly beans. After three minutes in the microwave oven, your sweet and delicious snack will transform into a disgustingly awful, multicolored mess on the dish.

This should not bother Harry Potter admirers though. As we found out strolling in the stores, you can buy a funny and scary at the same time jelly bean series after this book.

Besides the traditional flavors some of the most interesting of which are:

  • Root beer
  • Margarita
  • Pancakes with maple syrup
  • Birthday cake
  • Roasted marshmallow
  • Chili

…and more than 50 others, there are also many unpleasant tastes which are same popular, especially at the parties or Halloween.

Can you imagine that there are jelly beans with the flavors like stinking socks, skunk, buggers, soap, mud or earthworms…

We hope you do not microwave those jelly beans to “enjoy” the odor.

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