Can You Microwave Gummy Snakes?

Q: Do you like gummy snakes? Would you like to try them hot? What about melted in the microwave gummy snakes? There are so many questions when you try to think out of the box, or when you have just bought a new microwave oven and the gummy snakes are the only dessert you haven’t tried to microwave yet. You are welcome to check the information below and decide whether you can hit a jackpot and get something delicious or spend hours in the kitchen trying to repair the oven.

How Are Gummy Snakes Made?

Gummy snakes are a variation of gummy bears which are shaped differently. These are all sweets or sugar products, which include candied fruit.
Jelly sweets like gummy bears or gummy snakes are usually based on candied fruit mixed with the gelatin (or pectin/agar).
Fruit jelly contains a lot of pectins so you do not always need to add gelatin because pectin itself gives the gelatinous syrup.

Just like the gummy bears, the gummy snakes are made of:

  • Sugar
  • Gelatin
  • Corn syrup
  • Coloring agents
  • Food flavor

All these ingredients are mixed and boiled at the temperature of 115 degrees Celsius.

After that, the mixture is poured into the snake-shaped molds in the cornstarch.

The sweets then cool down in the fridges for half a day.

When the special machine has cleaned the gummy snakes from the cornstarch, they get covered by mineral oil and that’s why they actually shine.

As you see, the manufactured gummy snakes are not so dangerous, however, try to reassure your kids to eat one or two gummy snakes a day, because coloring agents and food flavors are not something you want to give to your children in large amounts.

What Will Your Microwave Oven Do to Gummy Snakes?

Microwaving the gummy snakes is a risky thing.

If you have read the previous passage about how the gummy snakes are made, you probably noticed that there is not a drop of water in them.

That is why your pack of gummy snakes will transform into, well, a gummy snake multicolored soup which you can stick to the front door at Halloween and frighten off annoying children. Kidding.

Of course, there are some recipes where you might need to melt a couple of gummy snakes (e.g. scary marshmallows with sticking snakes, or a kind of microwave muffin topping.)

The general instructions for microwaving gummy snakes are as follows:

  • Place the number of snakes you need in a microwave-safe container and set at middle power so the snakes are melted evenly
  • Take the snakes out after five minutes of microwaving and look if the consistency is just what you need
  • If they are not melted as desired, send them back to the microwave oven for another 3-5 minutes

How to Make Healthy Gummy Snakes at Home?


  • Colored jelly – 3 packs
  • Water
  • Drinks tubes


Dissolve every pack of jelly of different colors one by one as you need it.
Take a heat-resistant bowl and microwave water until it boils. Take precaution measures and read our recommendations on how to boil water in the microwave. Dissolve one package in boiling water. Take half as much water as indicated on the package.

Place the drink tubes in a glass so that there is no empty space between them, and pour in 1/3 of the dissolved jelly. Put in the fridge for 2 hours then pour another color jelly dissolved as mentioned above, put back in the fridge for another 1-2 hours.

Make as many multicolored layers as you wish if you have much time and patience. But remember that the snakes will reach their chewing consistency only after 24 hours in the fridge.

In order to extract the chewing snakes from the tubes, you need to hold the tubes under hot running water for a couple of seconds, the walls will melt a little and snakes will be easy to squeeze into a baking tray.

Put in the fridge for several hours. Keep the gummy snakes in a jar with the lid.

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