Can You Microwave Gummy Bears?

Q: I used to have a friend who used to microwave gummy bears. He was neither a chief cook nor a physicist. He was rather a nerd who wanted to know the nature of all the phenomena in the world. Just for fun. Gummy bears were his weakness. And when he couldn’t finish the last few in the pack, he turned his eyes to the microwave oven and felt himself like a Newton with an apple in his palm. Do you know what happened to gummy bears in the microwave oven?

How to Melt Gummy Bears in the Microwave Oven and Stay Safe?

We would not recommend you to microwave gummy bears if you:

  • Do not own the microwave where you are going to send a handful of gummy bears to sunbathe
  • If you are under 13 years old and home alone: keep away from the microwave oven. Eat those gummy bears and listen to your rap
  • If you are neither of the above-mentioned who still wants to know how to microwave gummy bears to reach their melting point, read on.

To stay safe, put a small amount of the gummy bears in your microwave. Take five pieces and place them in a microwaveable dish.

Don’t forget to cover it with the lid or with a special microwave-safe cover.

Keep both eyes wide open and take the gummy bears out of the microwave oven immediately as you have seen them starting to melt.

It will take you about 10 seconds.

Microwave gummy bears again for another 10 seconds and continue the process until the time when you think that’s enough to experiment or something bad may happen.

Never put the hot gummy bear in your mouth. Check the readiness with a fork or a wooden stick (like a toothpick) instead.

Are Gummy Bears Good for Your Health?

Once again, we wouldn’t recommend you to microwave gummy bears.

If you want to know if this product causes you any harm, be sure it does when consumed in big amounts.

Two or three not microwaved gummy bears won’t cause you health problems.

However, if you consume them regularly and in large amounts, be ready for some excess fat in your hips or belly.

You are risking at swallowing too much sugar together with these innocent sweets.

Besides, they don’t have a nutritional value. God help you if you eat too many gummy bears and get fat or feel pain in the heart.

Also, gummy bears are prohibited to those suffering from diabetes, and shouldn’t be included in the daily ration of the child.

Microwave it or not, the gummy bears are all sugar. Keep calm and eat marmalade instead.

You might have thought of the gummy bear vitamins somewhere along the line. What about it? Are these gummy bears identical?

Apparently, the gummy bear vitamins are very similar to gummy bear sweets. But that’s only the trick of a vitamin producer to do so, because children, who most of the time hate taking any pills or syrups, are supposed to eagerly put the gummy bear (vitamin) in the mouth.

Still, as a parent, you must warn your kids that the gummy bears are not sweets and forbid them to eat more than the prescription reads.

Gummy bear vitamins in no case should be sent in the microwave. There is a set of vitamins packed in the jelly form of the bear and the microwave oven will kill them all.

We can’t even predict, what else might happen there in your kitchen.

Can I Make Gummy Bears At Home?

Yes, and you can even use your microwave oven at some point.


  • Bear shape molds
  • Cold water – 1/3 cup
  • Gelatin (unflavoured) – 7 g
  • Gelatin (flavored, containing sugar) – 85 g


Oil the molds.

Take a small heat-resistant container and mix the two gelatins, then add cold water and let it swell for 10 minutes.

Microwave the container for 30 seconds, then take out and stir. Repeat the process until all the sugar dissolves.

When the mixture is ready, pour it into the molds and let sit in the fridge for 20 minutes or so.

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