Can You Microwave Brussels Sprouts?

Q: Can Brussels sprouts be a go-to dish when they go in the microwave oven? I have browsed through a lot of websites and forums and noticed that some people when they microwave Brussels sprouts are not happy with the results. At the same time, most of the microwave oven users find it super handy when cooked both fresh and frozen. How to microwave Brussels sprouts to get the most out of it?

Making the Right Choice Before Microwaving Brussels Sprouts

Baking, frying, or boiling methods are all good for the Brussels sprouts. This vegetable does not require much time to be cooked, and if this is done right, the Brussels sprouts retain great taste and most of the useful substances.

Before you start microwaving Brussels sprouts, make sure that you’ve chosen the relevant vegetables. It is easier to buy Brussels sprouts in the supermarket where they are usually sorted out, fresh and nice.
In order to buy a high-quality vegetable at the market, you must pay more attention to its quality and trade dress.

Don’t ever microwave the Brussels sprouts with red spots, rottenness or other defects.

Small cabbage heads are the most suitable for any cooking method.

Before preparation:

  • Remove all the yellow parts
  • Prepare cold water and let the Brussels sprouts soak for a few hours. (This will help to get rid of sand and other dirt, as well as insects.)
  • Rinse the vegetable in a colander under running water and gently cut the stems

Where Do the Brussels Sprouts Come From?

Interestingly, the Brussels sprouts can’t be found in the wild. This is one of the numerous man-made vegetables that appeared in a second half of the XVIII century.

This kind of cabbage is biennial, and the sprouts are the side shoots of the stem.

The Fresh or Frozen Brussels Sprouts: Which Is Better Microwaved?

The process of microwaving fresh and frozen Brussels sprouts does not differ a lot.

Frozen cabbage gets cooked even faster. You do not even need to defrost it before cooking.

Please, spend your time reading forums or watching your favorite YouTube channel, because if you have frozen Brussels sprouts, soaking them is totally out of place.

Processed sprouts have been sorted out, cleaned, and blanched for you.

Delicious Brussels Sprouts Boiled in the Microwave Oven

Microwaving is not different from cooking on the stove or in the electric oven. You just repeat the same steps of preparation, and then send the dish to the microwave oven.

The common rule for microwaving Brussels sprouts is as follows:

  • Take 400 grams of fresh or frozen vegetables
  • Put them in a large bowl
  • Pour in a ¼ glass of water
  • Set the microwave oven to 800 Watt
  • Boil Brussels sprouts in the microwave oven for 5 minutes
  • In the end, salt and pepper the dish, and stir the sprouts
  • Microwave again for 5 minutes at the same power.

Brussels Sprouts Baked With Cheese in the Microwave Oven


  • Fresh Brussels sprouts – 550 g
  • Cream cheese/grated hard cheese – 5-6 squares/150 g
  • Olive oil – 4-5 tbs
  • Salt
  • Black ground pepper
  • Breadcrumbs – 1-2 tbs


Wash and drain the sprouts, cut off the yellowish and spoilt leaves, cut the stem. Put them in a large bowl.

Add olive oil, salt, pepper, and sprinkle the sprouts with breadcrumbs.

Top the dish with the cream cheese squares or 150 grams of grated cheese.

Cover with the lid and send to the microwave oven for 10 minutes.

You are free to choose any seasoning and spices to your taste.

These Brussels sprouts with cheese can serve of a great side dish for rice, macaroni, baked potatoes as well as boiled or baked meat.

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