Can You Microwave Ice Cream?

Q: Microwaving ice cream sounds really awesome. It evokes so many questions in people. Why do you need this? Is it a whim or a burning reason? Do you mean, you freeze an ice cream to warm it up later? Well, let’s get to learn all pros and cons and all the reasons for people doing this.

Is it Possible to Heat Ice Cream in a Microwave?

Oh yes, it is. Now we’ll add some new features and options to your old or new kitchen device. This is something people seldom do with the microwave, but heating the ice cream is sometimes really necessary.

With the help of the microwave oven, you can actually soften the ice cream that’s got terribly frozen at extremely low temperatures and looks like an ice cube now.

At that, the consistency of your ice cream remains the same unlike the dessert that was left to soften naturally at room temperature… and melted.

All you need to do is to place your ice cream in a special heat-resistant bowl or plate and heat it at the highest power with an interval of 10 seconds (you’d check the consistency every 10 seconds.)

How to Microwave Ice Cream?

Be careful with the ice cream, as the process takes really fast in the microwave.

You can microwave just a small portion of ice cream in a special glass or ceramic dish.

Also, you can put the tub of ice cream and heat it all. It usually takes around 20 seconds to get it softened and not melted at all.

The best way to microwave the container with ice cream is for 30 seconds at 35% power.

If you don’t know how long it may take you to soften an ice cream and your oven has only a high power mode, here’s a small tip:

  • Microwave a pint (473 ml) for 10-15 seconds
  • A quart (about 1,420 l) for 15-25 seconds
  • A gallon (3,785 l) for 1-2 minutes

Why is Ice Cream So Good for You?

A well-known fact is that the ice cream is a great source of calcium. Besides, it reduces stress and desire to eat something sweet. You read that right – the ice cream gives you less weight and more smiles!

The ice cream contains about a hundred useful substances:

  • Over 20 protein amino acids
  • More than 25 different fatty acids
  • 30 mineral salts
  • 20 different vitamins
  • Enzymes which are really important for metabolism

It is also said that the ice cream:

  • Strengthens bone tissue
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Alleviates the PMS symptoms
  • Reduces the risk of bowel cancer
  • Boosts immunity
  • Reduces the risk of kidney stones
  • Increases brain activity
  • Treats dysbacteriosis

According to the degree of fat content, ice cream is of the following types: ice milk (3-8% fat), cream ice (8-10% fat), and premium full cream ice (15-20% fat.)

How to Bake Superfast Ice Cream Bread in the Microwave?


Vanilla ice cream – 1 cup

Sugar – 1 tsp

Chocolate chips – 1 tbs

Self raising flour – 1/2 cup

Banana – 1/2 pc


If you have a frozen ice cream, soften it in a microwave for a few seconds.

Cut half a banana into pieces.

Add sugar, flour and ice cream and mix thoroughly.

Place it in a big bowl, sprinkle with chocolate chips and mix.

Microwave it at high power for 4 to 5 minutes and enjoy the warm dish.

Is It Safe to Soften Ice Cream in the Microwave Several Times?

This question may often arise in a big family, or when you are going to serve ice cream to guests, thus buying liters of it, or if you are, perhaps, an ice-cream lover who buys one XL ice cream tub of your favorite flavor to have it eaten portion by portion within a month.

Each of these means that you want to repeatedly warm up your ice cream and choose the microwave as the best option.

So here’s for you to know that microwaving the ice cream several times is safe.

The only risk you may face is when you microwave a natural raw-egg ice cream. This would cause real health problems in you.

Please just make sure that you neither soften nor melt the ice cream containing raw or partially-cooked eggs.

The rest of ice cream in the world is well processed, and in some countries you won’t even find real milk in the tub… Then microwaving it is completely safe.

As an option, try to set different temperature in your freezer so that the ice cream isn’t so unacceptably hard any longer.

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