Can You Microwave Ravioli?

Q: Having lunch at the office? Have already tried the best and the worst sandwiches in the world?  It’s time to start loving your corporate microwave oven and put inside something more serious than just a coffee and a piece of bread. You will say, “OK, can you like microwave ravioli?”

Ravioli and a Microwave Oven

Most of the families have bags and bags of the kitchenware and electronic devices but, for some reason, they do not use all of their useful features.

A microwave oven is not waiting for you in the office to make you’re a cup of tea or coffee, or heat your leftovers for lunch.
It has a big mission ahead and one of them is cooking ravioli.

Can you imagine that your corporate world has changed right now? Now you are able to eat hot soups and fresh meat dishes at your small office kitchen.

This is truly amazing. So many stores now sell frozen ravioli and most of them are of high quality. If you are too tired to spend your free time cooking something on the stove and need a relaxing evening with your family, or if you have a hectic day at work and want a substantial meal for your stomach, go on.

You should be aware of the fact that there are a few methods of cooking ravioli in the microwave oven like boiling, frying, or grilling, and we will now tell you about as many of them as possible.

How to Boil Ravioli in the Microwave?

The peculiarity of boiling ravioli lies in dividing them into portions. You take 10-15 pieces at a time and boil them.

The main rule for microwaving ravioli is they must be frozen. It doesn’t matter whether you buy them in the nearest supermarket or make at home, you should freeze them first.

Of course, you remember about a special microwave-safe dish where you put your ravioli before boiling.

Traditional Ravioli Boiled in the Microwave

Pour boiling water into a large heat-resistant bowl, salt it and dip ravioli. Cover with the lid and microwave for 10 minutes with the 3-minute intervals for stirring.

This method allows water to transform into the broth that you can also serve and eat.

Steamed Ravioli in the Microwave

You will need:

  • ½ glass of hot water (not more than that)
  • Ravioli
  • Microwave-safe bowl


Pour a ½ glass of hot water into a large bowl, salt, and stir.

Dip 10-15 ravioli, cover with the lid (or another dish) and microwave for 15 minutes at 800 Watt. You can also add a bay leaf to bring the dish great aroma.

Stop the microwave oven every 3 to 5 minutes to stir ravioli.

The broth is also edible.

By the way, when you cook ravioli in the microwave oven, they have a more natural aroma and taste. Having cooked them in the microwave oven once, you will feel difficulty getting back to a traditional boiling method on the stove.

The secret lies in the additional steaming of the product when the meat juice does not evaporate, and the dough becomes gentle and airy.

Extreme Water Free Ravioli in the Microwave

If you find yourself in the extreme conditions like no water, no gas, no stove, nothing but electricity and the microwave oven, and a pack of frozen ravioli (quite a life story, isn’t it?), follow these steps:

  • Take 15 ravioli and 400 ml of sour cream, a pinch of salt and any herbs chopped.
  • Put ravioli in a large bowl and dip them in the sour cream.
  • Salt, pepper and stir the dish.
  • Cover with the lid and microwave for 7 minutes with 3-4 minute intervals for stirring.
  • Sprinkle the ready dish with your favorite herbs and serve.

You might be really surprised but this method of cooking ravioli in sour cream is revolutionary. The ravioli will be juicy, yet the dough remains elastic and saturated with sauce. And the last secret for you: squeeze the garlic into sour cream before boiling and enjoy fantastic aroma!

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