Can You Microwave Pasta?

Q: What do you usually cook when you are very hungry but short on time?  I bet you take a casserole, throw pasta there and wait for 8 minutes or so. Add the time it takes to boil water. What do we have now, a thirty-minute dish? Yes and a mess on the stove if the pasta boils over, which happens more often than you might think. Can we do that faster? Is microwaving the answer?

Fast Microwave Spaghetti

The method of microwaving spaghetti just like any other type of pasta noodles slightly differ from cooking on the stove.

The biggest advantage of using the microwave oven to cook pasta is that they never boil over.

You might have checked our info on microwaving water, so you know this trick of boiling water that never actually boils (well it does, but it isn’t visible due to the microwave oven peculiarities).

The other great advice to cook the pasta really-really fast is to boil the water in advance using an electric kettle.

To get two dishes of pasta out of the microwave oven, take:

  • 200 g of pasta
  • 400 ml of boiling water
  • 1 tbs of vegetable oil
  • Salt to your taste


In a large bowl, pour water and microwave until boiling.

Put pasta in the bowl so that the water tops it by two or three centimeters.

We usually take one cup of pasta and 2 cups of water and microwave it for 15 minutes at 800 Watt.

Salt the boiling water, add one tablespoon of oil (this will prevent your spaghetti from gluing) and put pasta.

Stir well and put in the microwave oven set at middle power for twenty minutes.

The higher the power is, the less time you will need to cook pasta.

Take the ready dish out of the oven, put the pasta in a colander and rinse under the running water.

You can accelerate the process by setting the device to the highest mode. Then you will need as little as five to eight minutes to microwave pasta. (Just remember to add vegetable oil and stir the dish periodically so that the pasta won’t glue.)

The other problem that our followers often face is that spaghetti is too long and just can’t go in the microwave container.

We recommend breaking them into smaller parts or let them stick out. Microwave the sticking spaghetti for one minute at full power, then stop and take the dish out of the oven to push the sticking ends inside the bowl.

Pasta under the Tomato Sauce in the Microwave Oven

One of the easiest recipes that are also our favorite is microwaving pasta under the tomato sauce.

To cook this dish, microwave your pasta following the above-mentioned method and after you have drained the water, put pasta in the container again.

Add the tomato sauce or ketchup and spices to your taste.

Let us hint you by saying that the pasta tastes especially good when mixed with garlic, oregano, and basil.

Mix well all the ingredients and microwave for three minutes.

Can I Cook Cheese Pasta in the Microwave?

Delicious. Attractive. Fast. That’s all you need to know about the microwave cheese pasta.

It is cooked very fast and so it is eaten.


  • Pasta
  • Cheese
  • Flour
  • White bread
  • Spices
  • Mustard
  • Salt


Mix together the butter, mustard, flour, spices, and salt. The creamy sauce is ready.

You will need 150 grams of finely grated cheese to add to the bowl with the species.

Pour the sauce over the pasta and stir well.

Microwave the container for four minutes at full power.

Make bread crumbs and mix them with butter then microwave this substance at full power until golden.

Add a little cheese to the dish, pour in the ready substance and microwave for a couple more minutes.

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