What Veggies Products Can You Microwave?


Q: “Broccoli is my baby’s favorite food, – one of our followers says. – Despite being a toddler, he might feel and understand how necessary and nutritious this vegetable is for human health. I often use my stove to boil broccoli or cook a broccoli soup, and the other day I use the oven to…


Q: How often do you reconsider cooking this or that dish just because you are short of time? Modern devices in the kitchen are really helpful when it comes to saving time spent on cooking, and devoting it to your family. Now you can prepare your favorite warm vegetable salad faster and your kids won’t…


Q: Lettuce has always been on our table as a wonderful decision for decorating salads, microwaved meat dishes, and vegetable plates. Have you ever wondered if lettuce itself could be microwaved as part of a sandwich or alongside the grilled meat leftovers? Why Do You Need to Microwave Lettuce? You have made lettuce sandwiches for…


Q: For us, mushrooms are mushrooms, but recent studies have shown that mushrooms can be more meat than vegetables. My vegan friends began to feel uneasy because of this piece of news. How come they eat mushrooms and their bodies consume meat? Some of them refuse the mushrooms I cooked, and the rest do not….


Q: Would you like to microwave potato? No problem. Take a sharp knife, peel the potato, wash it, cut as needed and put in a heat-resistant bowl. Send to the microwave and take out the ready dish. Is it really so easy? Are there any secrets that you are maybe not aware of? Is it…

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