What Sweets Products Can You Microwave?

Cookie Dough

Q: Finally, you arrive at the point where you need to know exactly if you can microwave cookie dough. Once we heard a dialogue between a new mom and a mother of three who said that they all love homemade cookies but she hates cooking and spends minutes of precious time in the kitchen. She…


Q: My life turned upside down when I told my colleague at the office that I want something sweet for evening tea, and she told me “I’ll be right back in a minute”! Well, it took her five minutes but what do you think she had held in her hands? A chocolate banana cake! I…


Q: Too many people love eating marshmallows as soon as they have unpacked them, so sweet and puffy and irresistible they are. If you are not that kind of person, if you name yourself a gourmet, then eating marshmallows from the package is not quite your cup of tea. You want something luxurious and offbeat,…


Q: You probably fell from the star if you do not know what Nutella is and what to eat it with. Nevertheless, it seems to us that we can still surprise you with something about Nutella. Recently we have been asked whether it is possible to microwave a cupcake with Nutella. What about a simple…


Q: As a new confectioner, I love baking cakes with fondant decoration. You probably know that it is made of either sugar powder or marshmallows. My husband adores his morning coffee with marshmallows. So my question here is if I can microwave marshmallows to prepare or melt them fast? You know, I tend to do…

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