What Other Products Can You Microwave?

Baby Formula

Q: To heat or not to heat a baby formula in a microwave oven? The eternal dilemma seems to never be solved. There’s a big difference of views on those mommies’ forums for infant feeding. Someone says that microwaving is dangerous; others advocate this device as the best mother’s helper in the kitchen, while the…

herbed quinoa with lemon and pepper


Q: It happens so that you are neither able to cook in the kitchen nor willing to order food in the nearest restaurant. But if you have a microwave oven, you can boil, fry or stew food there. This is a top device in the office, at school, and in the hospital. As a follower…


Q: What do you usually cook when you are very hungry but short on time?  I bet you take a casserole, throw pasta there and wait for 8 minutes or so. Add the time it takes to boil water. What do we have now, a thirty-minute dish? Yes and a mess on the stove if…


Q: My friend once threw a bachelor party where we had loads of drinks, pizza, sushi, and rolls. In the midst of pleasure, I learned that he cooked the Japanese food himself. No need to say that it hit me like a megaton of bricks! I just thought of how lucky his wife-to-be might be….


Q: When I feel hungry at the office, the solution is always in a cupboard. Take out a pack of oat flakes and here you go the nutritious oatmeal on the table. Four spoons of flakes, a cup of boiling water… It seems so easy but, in fact, it’s not so often delicious. How to…

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