What Oils & Nuts Products Can You Microwave?

Almond Oil

Q: We don’t know if you need almond oil for a hair mask, hair growth, nails or lips, but we know exactly that almond oil will serve you well. You’ll be surprised to learn that you can put your almond oil in a microwave oven and even use it after such a warming procedure. However,…


Q: Imagine the day when you decide to have lunch in the office dreaming of a fresh, nutritious salad for meal. All you have is some vegetables, vinegar… and a microwave oven. People used to use vinegar for either cleaning the microwave oven or rarely seasoning some dishes. However, vinegar makes some dishes yummy, especially…

Olive Oil

Q: Extra virgin, first cold press, virgin, refined, pure, lampante… So many words to classify olive oil. Most of its grades are for cooking food, others are for baptizing in churches, some are for salads, others for frying, and the lampante can’t be eaten at all. We know that olive oil is a useful natural…


Q: When it comes to nuts, both adults and kids will agree that they are the best snacks for watching a football match or a movie. Except for those who are allergic to nuts, everyone likes this product a lot. It is not surprising that the nuts are also extremely useful. But when you buy…

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