Can You Microwave Bacon?

Q: Have you ever tried to cook bacon in a microwave? If you have, then you surely know that there is nothing tastier than the microwaved bacon.

How to Microwave Bacon?

Making your dishes dirty sounds so annoying when all you need are a few pieces of bacon for your sandwich. You will be delighted to find out that making a mess is not a necessary occurrence when cooking bacon if you use your microwave.

You should take 4 pieces of paper towel and place them on a microwave-safe plate to form a thick layer of paper towel. The purpose of the paper towel here is to absorb all the grease from the bacon and prevent it from creating a mess.

Your bacon should be sliced into equally thin pieces. Do not place them one over the other because that way they won’t be evenly cooked. You can use as many pieces of bacon as you like as long as they do not cover each other.

Then place two layers of paper towel over the bacon and cook it for about 30 seconds at the high temperature.

After 30 seconds, take the plate out of the microwave and drain the bacon to remove any excess grease. This should be done by placing the bacon on a new, dry piece of paper towel.

Still, be careful not to leave bacon on the paper for too long since the paper will stick to the bacon. A couple of seconds will be enough for bacon to dry, then remove it from the paper towel and serve it on a clean plate.

Why Should We Microwave Our Bacon?

The answer is simple – because bacon cooked in a microwave is much healthier than the bacon fried in a pan. This is because there is much less fat in it than in the one cooked in a pan, and less grease means less additional weight on our bodies.

How to Cook More Than a Few Pieces of Bacon?

There is one simple procedure which you have to follow to cook more than a few pieces of bacon. You will have to:

  • Take a big bowl (not too big since it has to fit into your microwave)
  • Take as many pieces of bacon as you need
  • Place the pieces of bacon over the sides of the bowl
  • Then place the bowl on a microwave-safe plate – this plate will serve as the gathering place for the grease which will drip from the bacon
  • Cook your bacon for about 30 seconds at the high temperature

Is There Any Other Way of Cooking Bacon in a Microwave?

Yes, there is one more interesting technique for cooking bacon in a microwave.

You should take a microwave-safe plate (or a paper plate) and place four layers of paper towel to cover the surface of the plate. Then loosely roll the thin slices of bacon one by one.

This way, you can cook much more bacon (that is many more pieces/slices of bacon) than by the first process we mentioned here.

For this process, you should use pieces/slices of bacon which are a bit cold or even frozen since they will not crash when placed horizontally on a plate.

Then, you should place a piece of paper towel on the top of the pieces of bacon and additionally cover them with a paper plate.

Bacon, which is arranged in this way, should be cooked for about 3 minutes. Then you should open your microwave, check the bacon and turn it on the other side to make sure it is cooked evenly. Cover it with the paper towel and with the paper plate again and cook it for another 3 minutes.

The cooking duration should vary depending on the power of your microwave and the initial state of the bacon – whether it was frozen, thawed (cold) or warm.

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