What Materials Products Can You Microwave?


Q: After a couple years of heating and cooking in a microwave, we finally question ourselves whether it’s safe to microwave water. The oven helps us to heat up food or quickly prepare individual ingredients for more complex recipes such as melted chocolate, softened butter or ice cream. But what if you decided to make…

Mason Jars

Q: What is the first thing that pops up in your mind at hearing the words Mason jar: canned food or preserving or pickles? We bet you’ve also thought of Halloween decorations, Christmas handmade bulbs and somewhere to put a bunch of flowers. Have you ever wondered if you could place one of those super…


Q: If you are asking about the possibility to microwave rubber, you might be an amateur scientist who wants to heat up rubber elastic bands, or a new mommy who would like to dry your baby’s rubber ducks after bath. There are also some rubber food containers in which you might like microwaving your food….


Q: Styrofoam is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to keep things sterile, as an insulation material in building, or a packing material in trading and manufacturing goods. Yesterday you bought a new gadget packed in styrofoam, and now you are about to microwave that piece of meat from the restaurant in a foam food container….

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